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"All Those Wasted (Y)ears" CD

Pox World Empire

Genres: math-rock, experimental rock, indie rock

Pox World Empire
1512 James Street
Durham, NC 27707

Mar 14 - 20 2005

Angular math-rock is at a highpoint in its abundance these days, with a wealth of bands spinning their musical yarns in an everlasting quest to awe listeners with technical complexity and power.  This often results in lengthy instrumental endeavors, although vocals are occasionally present as well.  All Those Wasted (Y)ears, seemingly a tribute to a Hanoi Rocks' live album (recorded a year before drummer Razzle's death), is a seven-song foray into the band's aggressively angular style, which (appropriately) stuffs glam-rock influences into the mix.

"Rainbows and Heroes," for example, is a lively, Faraquet-styled rocker that tries out all sorts of musical devices, restlessly sifting through melodies and time measures.  "Ogre Battle" has a powerful, macho chorus and "Jupiter by Night" epitomizes the band's glam-rock style with arena-calibre hair-metal screams and eighties-style singing.

Unfortunately, All Those Wasted (Y)ears is Razzle's first and last release, so listening to it can be a bit saddening.  The band's overt, glammy style is certainly unique, and realizing this record is the be-all and end-all can be a pretty discouraging feeling.  However, if you want to get a taste of an original (albeit somewhat obscure) math-rock band, this record makes for a very enticing sample.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]