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Randy Moore and the Fabulous Deltones

Self-Titled CDR

Norca Records

Genres: country

Randy Moore
1139 Duncanwood Drive
Nashville, TN

April 13 - 20 2002

This is enjoyable country music that's got everything down right, but sounds a bit too much like the crap that's played on the radio. "Rope Me With Fire," the first song on the album, is a catchy tune that succeeds on some level, but falls flat on the creativity meter. If you're into the "new country" genre, you'll enjoy it. "Big Bertha," on the other hand, is much better. It's a jolly honky tonk song that's got great country attitude and manages to be very catchy. Other songs, like "Mona Lisa" and "When The Odds Were Even" are also fine pieces, and both feature rockin' melodies and lots of originality. While some of this is worthwhile, you'll have to wade through the filth to get to the treasure.


Matt Shimmer