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"Artificial Life" CD

Lotek Recordings

Genres: electro-pop, electronica, new age

5 Ford Street
New Basford, Nottingham

April 20 - 27 2002

Wow! Who would have thought that this little-known artifact from the UK would be so dang good? Radium88 are primarily an electronic band - there are lots of samples and beats mixed into this album. However, their stunningly good melodies are mostly presented through vocals, and some non-electronic instruments are also recognizable.

My favourite track here is "Watch The Skies," a warm, moody piece with chorus that's catchier than the common cold. It also features a great electronic background, and one of the best harmonica solos I've ever heard. Meanwhile, "Phatt Wah" is a playful, carefree track, featuring a great melody that's enhanced by the accompaniment of the turntables. It kind of sounds like a cross between Sylvester Boy and Donna Regina - it's both humourously bizarre and melodically accessible.

The other songs on this album are also nice. From the new age orchestration of "Life Is Now" to the space folk stylings of "Chances Are" to the funky frenzy of "White Noise," the low points to this album are few and far between. If you're looking for a pleasant electro-pop album, this will appeal to you.


Matt Shimmer