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Self-titled CDEP


Genres: indie rock, lo-fi

April 2006

First off, props to the hand-sewn packaging. A little effort goes a long way into making a CD look good, and I can always appreciate DIY CDs. I get so many regular jewel-case releases that something like this really catches my eye. Good work.

The music in question is surprisingly normal for such an unusual looking product. What we get is likeable indie rock / alt rock with a lo-fi flair but strong melodic composition. After a throwaway opener ("They Are Always Into That") with decent tension but a lack of distinct hooks, we get the successful "Courtesy Call," which builds a song out of an unusually tuneless guitar progression. "What the Neighbours Don't Know" makes more ground with a prickly guitar part and a momentous composition style - the off-kilter climax could be this EP's best moment. Closer "Robot Show" is nice though inoffensive, with a Pixies-esque ("Havalina"?) hard guitar part.

Loads of potential here, but Rademacher needs to work a little to keep things consistently strong. I like what I'm hearing so far...

MP3 (from They Are Always Into That


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by Greytank, released 2005]