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Quinn Keon

"Second Attempt... Failure" CD


Genres: metal, hard rock

Jun 23 - 29 2003

"When Quinn Keon was fifteen, he got his first guitar and his life changed forever.  He had always known that he wanted to pursue music, but now he knew for sure with what instrument."

How many times have I heard this story before?  It seems as if every press bio on the planet has the same friggin' tale of epiphany.  Just once I'd like to see something like "When Joe Smith was fifteen, he got his first guitar and his life didn't really change that much - it was only an instrument, after all.  But Joe found it mildly entertaining and stuck with it, despite having hooks for hands."  Now that would be a press bio.

But, alas, I'm stuck with what I'm stuck with, and no matter how much I mock and demean them, these corny "miracle" stories are going to keep on coming.  Yech.

So how is Quinn Keon's music?  Well, it's mildly entertaining heavy metal, too hard to be catchy but not hard enough to fall in with the thrash and black metal crowds.  The usual suspects - Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, et al - are given respect through imitation.  Something tells me a song like "Return To Me" will have enough accessibility to capture fringe metal fans who have a soft spot for more conventional rock.  The songs sound like they should be performed in arenas, but apparently Keon is more commonly found playing in bars.

All in all, this is nothing spectacular.  The playing is tight but the songwriting seems unoriginal and derivative.  For the next album, Quinn may want to take a few more chances - "Becky" hints at his capability to create something a bit fresh and different.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 songs, distributed by Amazon, released 2002]