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Puddin' Hogs

"Puddin' Out A Demo" Demo CDR


Genres: nu-metal, mainstream metal, metal

April 6 - 13 2002

Along with the recent popularity of "nu-metal" bands comes a whole myriad of followers, desperately trying to gain a place in the world of MTV. The Puddin' Hogs are one such band, a five-piece group from Tampa Bay that have opened for such acts as Staind and P.O.D. It doesn't help matters that the entire offspring of the whole nu-metal genre is appalling; it's all just annoying, angry kids singing about things that annoy and anger them (see a cycle there?). So it goes without saying that this 5-song demo CDR isn't all that good. The sad thing (well, one of the many sad things) is that I can see these five Limp Bizkit-cloned songs becoming popular one day. By the way, guys, using the word "revert" in one of your songs doesn't make you sound intellectual.

I'm sorry, but I've already got what plays on "mainstream-alternative radio" to piss me off.


Matt Shimmer