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Pudding Attack

"Lightning Bolt Glamour" CD

Acidsoxx Musicks

Genre: dance rock, dance punk

May 2006

I'm going to admit I'm not big on music like this, but Acidsoxx tend to do things right so I'm willing to lend them a solid ear. This is dancey rock music with only bass, electronics, and mostly-spoken vocals to its credit - it's heavy on beats and vocal goofiness, but not exactly packed with melody. I've noticed a decent enough of this sort of stuff coming out recently but I'm starting to think the scene's becoming a tad oversaturated. Fortunately Pudding Attack have a good sense of what's right and what's wrong; personally, I'm a big fan of the keyboard melodies going on ("Cali's Beach" and "Kinky Kat" are strong spots), though a live set would be easy to groove to due to the strong rhythmic element. Naturally this is the type of music that thrives when it's played loud, given enough sonic space to host the destructive beats, foot-moving bass, and Chris Anderson's eclectic vocals. When all is said and done this is exactly what I expected from a band named Pudding Attack.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]