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Various Artists

"Public Service Broadcast #5" CDR

Smalltown America

Genres: indie rock, indie pop, punk

Mar 28 - Apr 3 2005

Compilation tracks can be separated into four categories - standouts, good songs, filler tracks, and duds.  A good compilation will, obviously, have more songs in the former groupings; a lesser comp will tend towards the latter groups.  Of course, there's also the matter of track sequencing and flow, but for a sampler like Public Service Broadcast #5, the focus is more on exposing the listener to a wide array of bands and less on creating a musical masterpiece.

Fortunately, PSB5's track listing tends toward the standout/good categories, with enough variety to appeal to most indie and punk fans.  Particularly excellent standout songs come by way of +/- (ex-Versus), Dead or American, and The Betes Noires, who each contribute dynamic, melodic indie rock tunes with solid (yet original) melodies.  The bulk of the comp is occupied by good (but not incredible) material, with strong contributions by the likes of The Nothing, Distrophia, and Piney Gir.  There's a bit of grungy stuff (Centrifuge), some hardcore (Twofold), and some lighter pop (Tara Jane O'Nell, Lexxi), but the majority this is straightforward indie rock.  Aside from a bit of filler (The Awakes), there doesn't seem to be any major faults on PSB5; I'm looking forward to number six!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 23 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]