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Various Artists

"Project Bicycle" CD

Ache Records

Genre: experimental electronic

Ache Records
PO Box 138
1001 W Broadway
Vancover BC
V6H 4E4 Canada

June 2006

Put together by terrific Vancouver label Ache, Project Bicycle is a concept album, with each track created using a common sample of a bicycle making noise. The record is dedicated to promoting the environmentally-friendly transportation method of bicycling, and while it doesn't really make me want to jump on a bike and jet it to the corner store for a handful of licorice laces, it is a very solid sampling of experimental electronic music from the scene's current citizens.

For the most part this record favours a strongly rhythmic approach, with the likes of Aelters, Secret Mommy (who sound identical to Niun Niggung-era Mouse on Mars), and current buzz-collector Jason Forrest adding solid slabs of complex electronica. Of course the concept of "beats" can become a little skewed - selections from Job Mica Och El and Wobbly use glitchy experimentation to construct their rhythms. Meanwhile, a few of the tracks are much more abstract, like Uske Niko's "Les Claxons De Madame Du Pont" and Greg Davis' sparse "Sagres." In the end, we get a rather varied experimental electronic release; this inconsistency results in a record that's a little tough to get a handle on, but also offers much to the open-minded ear. And for the glitch enthusiast, it means you're guaranteed to find one artist that appeals especially to you (mine is DJ Elephant Power). What are you waiting for?

MP3s (from Jab Mica Och El: Side Car Bicycle, Romanhead: Bike Work


Fun Fact: This project is open-sourced, meaning anyone who gets this album can take the sample (included at the end of the disc) and make their own creation based on it.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks + original sample, distributed by the label, released June 6 2006]