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Primitive Painter / Pulby

Split 7"

Dead Digital

Genres: electronica, industrial, acid house

Jan 20 - 26 2003

This seven-incher has a weird concept to it - its sides are split up so that side A, featuring Primitive Painter's "Self Reference Hour," is deemed "1912", and side B, with Pulby's "Water From Different Falls" on it, is called "1954." What these numbers mean is beyond me, though they obviously look like years. Despite the mystery, this is a fine electronic 7" that should appeal to anybody.

On side one we have Primitive Painter's piece, a nice track of dark, industrial-themed electronica. It starts off with a simple synth repetition and then layers on a cold, hard beat along with a dark ambiance and some nice electronic sound scribbles. Halfway through the track PP uses a short, repeated speech sample to add a sense mechanical impersonality to the piece - its persistent repetition causes it to become eerily non-human, further enhancing the track's industrial feel. Altogether, it is a very well-done track that's powerfully danceable. A strong resemblance to 80's industrial music (think Throbbing Gristle) is definitely present.

On the second side, we're faced with Pulby's much less industrial "Water From Different Falls." Upbeat and funky, it's very melodic, using some delicious guitarwork on top of the beats in a combination that sometimes recalls Cornershop's fantastic "Brimful of Asha." It's an energetic track that will get you dancing in no time.

Altogether, this Primitive Painter / Pulby split-7" is a great new record from a great new label. If this release is any indication, Dead Digital could become really big on the scene one day, with both Primitive Painter and Pulby right by its side.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]