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"Untitled" CD

Ionik Records

Genres: post-punk, indie rock, lo-fi

Ionik Records
130 South 22nd St., 2F
Philadelphia, PA

Sep 13 - 19 2004

Cincinnati trio Post-Haste features a number of big players on the Ionik/datawaslost local scene, and for that reason you may be surprised by what Untitled has to offer.  These songs aren't particularly memorable or amazing - instead they are simple, spirited lo-fi rock tunes.  Post-Haste's influences include usual suspects like The Buzzcocks and GBV, combining rambunctious energy with well-written melodies.

Untilted's first five songs are serviceable but unspectacular.  The real fun starts with "Green Alumni," an exhilarating rock number with a very strong melody - though I'd prefer it to be about a minute shorter; at four minutes, it's by far the longest track here.  "New Brighton the Mighty" and "Insides Out" are also contenders for Post-Haste's top single; both tunes are crisp, exciting, and impressively catchy.  Many of the later songs keep up the fun - the disc's final three numbers are some of its best, with piles upon piles of hooks and energy.

Untitled is an album you have to get used to.  To the uninitiated, Mike Winters' vocals will seem amateur and nasal, and the songwriting will come off as overly simple and unvaried.  However, the accustomed listener will be able to enjoy Post-Haste's basic melodies and DIY, basement-brewed sound.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]