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"Whiskey Hill" CD

Blue Monster Records

Genres: indie rock, world music, indie pop

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April 6 - 13 2002

Blue Monster Records is a new label that specializes in rock music that can also be classified as World music. It is for this reason that they signed Porter, a band that consists of five guys who blend traditional rock with African drumming, guitar from Israel, and other foreign instruments. The songs work well, as the standard pop elements don't clash at all with the more worldly instruments. "Whiskey," for example, is a calm, yet haunting pop song that combines congas and a n'goni (both African instruments) with Lenny Kravitz-esque songwriting.

Although everything here sounds good, it would be better if the World instruments were used more obviously. The gimmick needs to be played upon more, as this sounds a bit too regular. Still, this is a nice album that will surely appeal to those looking for some good ol' pop.


Matt Shimmer