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Poop Yer Pants

Self-titled CD

Weasel Land Records

Genres: indie pop

Oct 16 - 22 2005

Give the lame name a chance and Poop Yer Pants' debut album is actually quite a trip.  Head songwriter and performer Ken Adam creates dramatic, enjoyable folky pop songs heavily influenced by the likes of Pavement and Sparklehorse.  This disc is filled with simple folk ballads, intense rock songs, and even a bit of electronic experimentation.  The first part of the album is consumed with the more pop/rock material; "Reins" and the wonderfully intense "In The Dark" are clear-cut winners, each brandishing winning choruses and really nice dynamics.  The Pavement-esque "Simple," meanwhile, could be the disc's "single."  On the folkier end, "Frisco Man" and "Chester and Johnny" are immediate successes; these songs are a nice platform for Adam to prove his varied talent as a songwriter.  The more electronic and unusual "Everglader" is a bit bland and self-indulgent, though "Dry Ice" is a relatively entertaining listen.  As a whole, this disc marks the first chapter in Poop Yer Pants' promising career.  I like what I'm hearing.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, 36.3 min, distributed by the label, released 2005]