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The Pomes

"Mind/Body Problem" CD

Omega Point Records

Genres: indie pop, alt-country

Mar 10 - 16 2003

Although its cover art could use a little work, The Pomes' Mind/Body Problem is actually a pretty good EP.  Original alt-country / indie pop hybrids, the six songs on this album take influences from a whole number of musical areas.  Michael Cummins is the brainchild of The Pomes, and his carefree, country-era Byrds-influenced style will appeal to many.

The two most immediately catchy tunes here are "Unaware" and "Now," which boast cute, infectious melodies and nice guitar and vocals.  The percussion sounds as if it's handled by a drum machine, which can get annoying after awhile.  "Pine Box" is a good example of this; although it's terrifically catchy, with some really pleasing twang present in Cummins' guitar, the automatic drumbeat seems very bland and repetitive in comparison.  Other tunes, like "The Pretty Girls Go" and "Carmela" also rely on simple, infectious melodies and twangy guitar, and the hidden track (which isn't all that hidden, considering its inclusion in the CD's track listing) is a fast-paced, boppy number that focuses more on a pop sound than a country one.

Altogether, The Pomes' Mind/Body Problem is an enjoyable EP that will satiate any cravings for countrified indie pop.  If you ever find yourself rustling through your cupboards in search of some twang at 3 in the morning, perhaps a copy of this EP will go well on your night table.


Fun Fact: "Pomes" is a common misspelling of "poems".  Huh.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 songs, distributed by the label, released 2003]