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Self-Titled CD

Mother West

Genres: drum and bass, electronica

Mother West
LLC 132 W26th Street
New York, NY 10001

May 4 - 11 2002

Is it just me, or is drum n' bass getting boring? I mean, there's still a whole bunch of good stuff being put out, but it seems to be getting outnumbered by all the crappy Goldie and LTJ Bukem rip-offs out there.

Well then, Plexus is a nice breath of fresh air. Kind of sounding like a cross between Plaid and pre-"Play" era Moby, Plexus' self-titled album is a magnificent trip into the more intelligent side of the tired ol' genre. And while you may be skeptical at first, believe me - you're in for a treat.

But wait, what's this?

The drums and the bass - they're played live! No doubt this adds something to the music; the live feel and complex rhythms turn this into more than a substandard drum and bass album - this is something special.

Take "Asia Minor," for example. Ethnic chants interwoven with feet-moving beats and slippery bass lines - if this doesn't get you moving, chances are nothing will. And then there's "Inner Space" - a cinematic piece of supercharged acid jazz that cross-breeds the two styles of Jega and St. Germain.

Even though Plexus is just starting out, they have the makings for something big - drum and bass that's both insanely danceable and satisfyingly intelligent. Pick this one up before they become the new Plaid.


Matt Shimmer