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The PlatMaps

"Treason Marks the Trail" CD

Static In Volumes

Genres: lo-fi, indie rock

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Feb 9 - 15 2004

The PlatMaps, also known as Kurt Garrison (of This Sceptered Isle, whose EP I reviewed a long time ago), are responsible for this lo-fi, angular rock nugget put out on Pittsburgh microlabel Static In Volumes.  And while this EP is very obscure, the melodic, jangly "Why Do You Always Act That Way?" did make it onto one of Magnet Magazine's new music compilations awhile back.

Though Treason Marks The Trail suffers from some awful cover art , the songs themselves are very promising, in a noisy, early Sebadoh and Archers of Loaf sort of way.  Some tracks are more energetic than others, of course, but many of the EP's songs come off as indie rock with punk rock mentality.  "Lighten Up, Old Man (you'll be dead soon)", for example, is like an old DIY punk tune.  "The Big Prize," on the other hand, is spacey, experimental noise rock.  The EP's best track is, arguably, "A Triumphant Return," which is very interesting in its jumpy, scattered approach.  It could be clearer, but the enjoyable nature of its shrill, cutting guitars and bouncy tempo is impossible to deny.  The aforementioned "Why Do You Always Act That Way?" is also a highlight.

I recommend this album to lo-fi indie rock fanatics.  Though its far from being accessible to the mainstream, there is a certain primitive, melodic charm to The PlatMaps' sound.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]