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Plan To Pink

"Debutante Ball" CD

Extra Small Records

Genres: indie rock, indie pop

The Party
124A Old Road
Essex, C015 3AH

Jul 14 - 20 2003

With Debutante Ball, Plan To Pink offers us a heavy dose of fem-fronted indie rock that is never content to stick with one sound for too long.  In a world where albums are expected to be an hour plus and bonus tracks are a given, this band reminds us that brevity really is a virtue.

Helium and Bonfire Madigan are a couple of the bands that pop into my head while listening to Debutante Ball.  Certain tracks really work (the offbeat "Winner at Macy's", "The Soap Opera"), whereas others fall flat ("Pick Me Up").  The band has a very DIY attitude, and it should be said that these songs are not supposed to be marketable.  This is real indie rock.

All in all, this is a fun album, but Plan To Pink needs to filter their songs a bit to prevent duds from seeping in.  Their best moments occur when they're working in a dreamier, poppier vein.  Debutante Ball is an off-kilter, often strange record.  You're bound to find something you like here, although it may take a while for your ears to adjust.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]