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Planetarium Music

"Traditional Psychedelic Electronic Music" CD

Strange Attractors Audio House

Genres: drone, ambient, electronica

Strange Attractors
PO Box 13007
Portland, OR
97213-0007  USA

May 11 - 18 2002

Planetarium Music is Alex Bundy, one of the members of the well-known drone-rock outfit, Yume Bitsu. On this album, Bundy finds himself exploring the musical territory of classic experimental electronic legends such as Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.

The result is a wonderful collection of ambient electronic pieces that flow together wonderfully. It is amazing how Bundy timed everything - every beat and melody is placed carefully and flawlessly, providing a warm, airy sound that carries you off onto another planet. The album is very peaceful and relaxing, yet emotionally potent as well. As such, it makes great bedroom listening. One night, I played it in the dark while going to sleep; needless to say, I was carried into a trance, and my dreams were stunningly intergalactic.

This album lives up to all the expectations of a Strange Attractors release. While it may not be as "poppy" or accessable as Yume Bitsu's work as a band, this was obviously the intention of Bundy, whose dronework is content to serve as an experiment in ambient melody and sound sculpture. "Tribute," for example, is a long, melodic piece that moves seamlessly through shifting drones and moody keyboarding. It's like alien relaxation music; it seems like it fits somewhere in between Enigma and Can. Meanwhile, the aptly-titled "Another World" is an ambient epic - it comes through with a cinematic brilliance that is unsurpassed by many of today's experimental electronic outfits.

Altogether, "Traditional Psychedelic..." is a wonderful purchase for those interested in ambient drone music that borders the line between the timeless work of Klaus Schulze and that of modern visionaries like Peter Namlook and Bill Laswell.


Matt Shimmer