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Pilfa Confession Box

"Fear, Slaves & Secrecy" CDR EP


Genres: hard rock

Jul 21 - 27 2003

This five song EP came with a condom and a note instructing me to enjoy the music while having sex. I'll pass on that one, Pilfa. But thanks for the rubber (even though it was swiped from me by a friend).

To put it simply, PCB is a five-piece rock band from the UK who play grungy hard rock, taking cues from Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, but also showing off elements of Nirvana et al. These five songs have some nice melodies, but fail to achieve anything more than demo quality, thanks in part to poor production values. I've never had any problems with lo-fi recording, but for metal riffs and yelled vocals, it just doesn't work. A rocker like "Karma" sounds like it would be completely awesome live, but this stuffy recording doesn't let it breathe like it should. Opener "Run Away Dream" also has amazing potential (that spacey guitar part kind of sounds like some recent Opeth material) and some pretty infectious melodies, but it isn't given the production it deserves.

This demo does not do the band justice. PCB should re-record these tracks in an actual recording studio, getting the vocals in a proper volume balance with the guitar and fixing the awful sound quality. Then they'd have a demo that could win them a record contract.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2003]