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The Perishers

"Let There Be Morning" CD

Nettwerk Records

Genres: indie pop, melancholy pop

May 2 - 8 2005

Drawing comparisons to Keane and Calliope, The Perishers are known for their own brand of lush, melancholic pop that combines a light sensitivity with immediate hooks and incredible songwriting.  Let There Be Morning is the Swedish quartet's second full-length (and American debut), and if given the right promotion, it has the chance to really take off.

The Perishers' strong point is their songwriting; the lyrics are a bit sappy - though not unpleasantly so - but the melodies are what propel Let There Be Morning into pop perfection.  The soft guitar and piano interplay of "Weekends" is absolutely lovely, and the soft, almost Mercury Rev-esque vocals are a step towards heaven.  "Sway," meanwhile, has some serious Coldplay undertones, and "Pills" is a pleasant male/female duet that gives the record some extra depth.  "Nothing Like You and I" is one of Morning's best moments; it's the perfect soundtrack to falling in love. 

I'm looking forward to seeing Let There Be Morning's songs on mainstream radio playlists soon - if all goes to plan, The Perishers will have the opportunity to add some integrity to the modern pop scene.  Cross your fingers.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]