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People Chasing People

"The Dayglow Light of Sleep" CD

Milquetoast Recordings

Genres: indie rock, angular rock

Jan 24 - 30 2005

People Chasing People have that exceptional distinction of being both listenable and edgy.  The Dayglow Light of Sleep's slippery time-signatures, yelled/sung vocals, and energetic, pounding rhythms just reek of hipness, but it's the subtly infectious melodies that keep the listener coming back.

A few of the thirteen songs on Dayglow don't live up to the others, but there are enough solid bits here to keep the average indie rocker absorbed for awhile.  The most immediately notable song on this album is "A Weightless World" - it bases itself on a jerky, high-tension instrumental melody and a broodingly momentous chorus.  At first the combination seems a bit repetitive, but it really works in a cool-but-catchy sort of way; given the recent media attention given to hip indie rock, I wouldn't be surprised to hear this one pop up on a TV show soundtrack in the near future.  "Yelling at Cops," "A Sailor," and "One Cool Astronaut" also succeed with flying colours; the basic appeal is derived from tuneful, catchy vocals and memorable choruses.  "Yelling at Cops," in particular, runs through a nice hard/soft contrast between a pretty melody and an angular, intense guitar line.  The effect recalls a less polished version of The Dismemberment PlanPCP is best when they're working with strong, readily melodic songs - a few of this album's tracks fall behind the pack because they leave this element out, but Dayglow fortunately keeps the audience satisfied for the majority of its duration.  If you can dig angular, not-so-overtly catchy indie rock, People Chasing People won't disappoint.  This is an imperfect album, for sure, but the world could certainly benefit from more records as successfully engaging as The Dayglow Light of Sleep.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]