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"The Evils of the Modern Pleasure Dance" CD


Genre: hard rock, rock, alternative

May 2007

peeler specialize in average hard rock that's sometimes bland and sometimes enjoyable. there is nothing new on evils of the modern pleasure dance, with predictable song structures and lots of borrowing from classic hard rock norms. songs like "pretty little things" and "half past high" are a wee bit bland and cliched, though there are also songs like "the man i used to be" and ballad "lonely days" that will stick in your head for good. meanwhile, other songs cull influences from u2 ("the greatest liars"), late 90s mainstream rock ("perfect"), and meat loaf ("the deal"). this is a standard hard rock album that does everything right yet still ends up completely middle-of-the-line. the more i listen to it, the more i like it - in fact, there aren't really any songs here that don't work out well - but i still would have liked a little variation upon the traditional rock album concept.

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youuuuuuutube!: promo video

Fun Fact: this record's fifth song is named after phineas gage, known to psych students everywhere as the man with the bar through his head.

coxwell balaban

[Vitals: 15 tracks, 57:04, distributed by the band, released 2006]