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Pedal Steel Transmission

"In the Winter, It Makes the Dead Grass Look Green" CD


Genres: indie rock, noise rock, country

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April 20 - 27 2002

This is, quite simply, a brilliant indie release. It's amazing - the whole thing works like one big epic. All of this is just very catchy, enjoyable indie rock. The pedal steel is used perfectly in combination with the other instruments, all of which are incorporated perfectly. The result? Crashing symphonies of country-influenced noise rock - kind of what like Spiritualized would have sounded like had they grown up on a diet of country and folk.

"I Only Got 1 Hour Of Sleep Last Night," one of the album's ten tracks, is an amazing piece of space folk. Echoes of warbling slide guitar reflect upon the surfaces of the crashing drums and fantastic vocals - all to wonderful effect. Meanwhile, "Para Ella" features guest female vocals, lending the song a pleasant, joyful quality. The song packs a very strong punch; it starts off very playfully, and then gradually conglomerates into a conclusion of crashing noise.

Altogether, "In the Winter..." is a magnificient album. From the rip-roaring power of "Her Dream" to the three cinematic parts of "Sempiternal Tryst Detente," this is an epic. The Pedal Steel Transmission have recorded what is definitely one of the better albums of last year.


Matt Shimmer