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The Party

"It's The Small Things That Keep You Awake" CDR EP

Colchester Recordings

Genres: lo-fi

The Party
124A Old Road
Essex, C015 3AH

Jul 7 - 15 2003

How is it that a band like Arab Strap can have so much success with the drum machine, yet The Party just ends up seeming corny and cheap?  Maybe it's because The Party stick "lo-fi by necessity not design" on the back of their EP.  How pretentious is that?  You can at least have a little faith in your genre, for gosh sakes.

Regardless, though, that's what The Party have chosen to say, and that's what we're stuck with.  On It's The Small Things..., we're treated to a selection of lo-fi pop songs trying to be bigger than they really are.  The only tune that actually succeeds is the one that makes an effort to be minimal and relatively simple, "Pious Ex-Smoker."  Its catchy keyboard-and-guitar interplay makes for a cute little ditty that uses singer James Scott's voice very well.  The other tunes often seem awkward, with Scott's deep vocals contrasting the music poorly.

All in all, this six-song EP is brief for a reason - other than "Pious Ex-Smoker," The Party just don't seem to have much to say.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2002]