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"Googler" CD

Temporary Residence Limited

Genres: instrumental rock, experimental rock, electronica

Temporary Residence Limited
PO Box 11390
Portland OR 97211

Aug 18 - 24 2003

Mere months after their debut album, Octopus Off-Broadway, was released, Parlour are at it again. Six enticing, melodic instrumentals inhabit their new release, Googler, and despite the lack of vocals, this could be one of the most infectious albums out this year. Right from the subtly angular opener, "Jololinine" (take that, Penguin's Big Book of Tongue Twisters), the band grabs your attention. Second track "Distractor" is dark and warped in its eerie melody; it's amazing that the band can control the music's mood so well simply by their use of melodies.

The album's best and most climactic moment is "Svrendikditement," a spacey, electronic track. It's almost hypnotic, kind of like new age music except without that corny Yanni factor. It is pretty abrasive in comparison to some of the album's other moments, but it doesn't seem out of place.

Altogether, this is a very successful instrumental album, but not an essential one. It's easy to get hooked on Googler, but Parlour's tunes sometimes fade into the background. Regardless, this disc makes for a very rewarding and pleasurable experience.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released January 21, 2003]