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Paradise Camp 23

"Solitaire" CD

Mandragora Records

Genres: noise, experimental, psychedelic

P.O. Box 936
Northampton, MA

Jun 16 - 22 2003

In the start, Solitaire sounds as if it's going to evolve into a great big rock opera, fiery dancers and all, but that moment never comes.  Forty minutes and eleven seconds down the line and you're still kind of expecting everything to explode into a shroud of guitar solos and zealous, overexcited pop singers.  But no.  That never happens.

Solitaire is one track, "Like A Duck In A Noose," and that's it.  A three-quarters-of-an-hour build up to something that never happens.  And when the disc player reaches the end of the CD's data, you're left wondering - if nothing happened, then what did happen?

And that's fucking brilliant.  This is about as noisy as you can get without crossing the line to Merzbow territory.  Assorted soundclips are buried, mangled, in a dense marsh of guitar feedback and churning sonic experimentation.  As the noise flows, the suspense intensifies.  Builds.  Builds.  Builds.



Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 1 track, distributed by the label, released 2003]