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Paradise Camp 23

"Bar-BQ Dungeon" CD

Mandragora Records

Genres: psychedelic noise, experimental, noise

Mandragora Records
PO Box 936
Northhampton, MA

April 2002

The folks at Mandragora Records claim that their label supplies "pure psychedelic noise" to the world, and I'd have to say that this is pretty accurate description. While much noise is constructed of sonic, harsh orchestras or experimental pops and crackles, Mandragora brings their noise across in a more hallucinogenic manner. Paradise Camp 23, one of the label's many impressive outfits, has mastered this particular style of noise well. For example, "Substance D," the opening track, is composed of glitchy, pulsating onslaughts of feedback, noise, and mysterious voices. Meanwhile, "Hypnogogic" is (appropriately) hypnotic, featuring throbbing feedback and guitar fuzz. Altogether, the four long pieces on this album are very recommended for those interested in experiencing the amazing world of psychedelic noise. As far as this description goes, though, I find it hard to explain this album through words.

So what is there to say? Well, if you remove the vowels from "Mandragora," you get MNDRGR. Perhaps that series of consonants describes this music better than any review can.


Matt Shimmer