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Owen Sartori

"Selections From The Cube" CDEP

Burst Records

Genre: singer / songwriter, pop, pop / rock

August 2007

After an intensely infectious opening track about day-job frustration, this singer/songwriter effort gradually loses steam over the remaining four tracks. "The Cube" proves Sartori has some major chops if you're into mega-catchy late 90s-ish pop and bring-it-down choruses. I swear I heard this song's twin on the radio sometime in 1998. "I Knew You'd Come Along" has its moments, but doesn't live up to what's before it - it simply hasn't got the hooks. "Could You Be The One" is even more stagnant, falling in serious Starbucks sampler territory. The latter two tracks close out the disc as decent melodic concepts executed poorly. On Selections From The Cube, Sartori shows what he's capable of but doesn't live up to it past the first track. If his upcoming album can stay in the good zone, he's going to have a gem.

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Fun Fact: Owen Sartori shares his last name with a Wisconsin based Italian cheese company.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, 17:42, distributed by the label, released 2006]