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The Ordinary

"Don't Let Me Die a Waiter" CDEP

Audiction Records

Genres: rock, punk, grunge

Audiction Records
PO Box 393
Brooklyn NY 11222

Jan 10 - 16 2005

The Ordinary can be described as Idlewild with a bit less melody and a bit more grunge and punk.  Don't Let Me Die a Waiter is a guitar-heavy, noisy rock record, but its sound is better than most of what the genre has to offer.  I especially liked the infectious tension of "Pretty People" - it's probably the album's most immediately satisfying listen.  The band's use of those yelly punk vocals can get a bit tiresome ("TV and Radio" sounds generic), though it doesn't interfere too much with epic rockers like "Summer in the Weeds" and "Sweet Rotten Apples," which are far too loud to falter on incoherent singing.  The Ordinary is a hard band to pin down - sometimes they sound like punk, sometimes garage, sometimes grunge - but they should definitely appeal to open-minded rock listeners.


Fun Fact: Audiction Records' motto is "medicinal relief for your ears."

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by Amazon, released 2004]