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On Tracy Lane

"Back To Maybe" DVD


Genres: pop/rock

Oct 4 - 10 2004

On Tracy Lane's video is contrived and bland, an obvious stab at mainstream popularity.  Shots of a live performance are interspersed with clips of the lead singer's dealings with an interested female.  A history between the two is implied.  He isn't impressed by her, however, so he leaves the show after some playful eyeing; as a result, she's left alone, speechless (since nobody but the singer is allowed to talk in a music video.)  The girl's pretty enough, but the whole thing reeks of lameness.

Though catchy, "Back To Maybe" is far too light to garner any real popularity.  To the band: next time around, focus on your own individuality instead of trying to appeal to the masses. 


Matt Shimmer

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