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The Online Romance

"Hey Abraham" 7"

Recursive Delete Records

Genre: indie pop

Recursive Delete
PO Box 3824
Portland OR 97208

May 2006

One of the best aspects of running a review site (apart from being as awesome as I am) is the opportunity to experience a wide array of seven-inch records sent in by random bands from across the world. The Online Romance is primarily the work of Jack Saturn (though others contribute), a Portland-based songsmith with a penchant for adorable, infectious pop music. This seven-incher is out on Recursive Delete, a record label (cum media outlet) that also happens to be run by Jack Saturn.

But on to the music. "Hey Abraham" sounds like one of The New Pornographers' slow songs, heavy in keyboards and high male vocals. "Fork Number Two" is somewhat more energetic, still in line with the New Porn, but less full-sounding and more mellow. "Leaves Know Nothing of Love," meanwhile, is a cute acoustic ditty with nice group harmonies - it's different from the other two songs, but closes off the record on a really sweet note. In addition to being wonderful pop songs, these tunes also are home to some really nifty lyrical stories - "Leaves Know Nothing of Love" is a warm reflection on a bus ride juxtaposed with heavy nature imagery, while "Fork Number Two" tells a funny little tale about a notoriously big eater. All around, this is an adorable and fully satisfying single from a band that just cries out to be heard. Highly recommended.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]