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Old Bombs / Wolf Eyes

Split CDR

Public Eyesore

Genres: experimental electronics, noise

Bryan Day / PE
3803 S 25th St.
Omaha, NE 68107

Nov. 18 - 24 2002

Originally released on the Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers label, this split-CDR is a fascinating sample of experimental audio at its finest.  A collaboration between electronic outfits Old Bombs and Wolf Eyes, how can this possibly be anything less than great?

Old Bombs starts the set off with the fifteen-minute "Old Bombs 3," which is kind of like If, Bwana's work - it has elements of noise in it, yet is much more ambient and calm.  What sticks out is the sheer variety of sounds within - it's a very dense audio collage with lots to engage your interest in.  Dark, bassy undertones are present through much of the piece, and they offer well-received depth and mood to the track.  It is a very enjoyable, thought-provoking piece and its atmosphere works well in the dark.

Wolf Eyes' piece, meanwhile, is much more dark - it's also much longer, reaching 26 minutes.  Although it is a live radio performance from 2001, it still seems carefully thought-out and structured (although the definition of structure is certainly a debatable one.)  Wolf Eyes also incorporates a rhythmical beat into their piece, with vocals and a bunch of aggressive noiseyness that, while powerful, never seems harsh or violent.  It is a nice juxtaposition with Old Bombs' piece, which is much more restrained.

Altogether, this is a very enjoyable experimental release that joins the work of two of the most talented outfits on the scene.  Those of the right musical persuasion will doubtlessly find lots to enjoy here.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks; distributed by the label; released 2002]