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"Vila Kula" EP

Jenka Music

Genres: videogame music, electronica 

Jenka Music
Fælledvej 3
2200 cph n

Sep 8 - 14 2003

Ever since the dawn of Nintendo, "videogame music" was inevitable. There's just so much to be done with the bleepy, tinny 8-bit sound that characterized old game cartridges. It combined copious amounts of pure, simplistic melody with a hip, basic style that was so easy to latch onto.  Oki-Doki is one of the modern purveyors of the videogame genre, and the Vila Kula EP is a delightful foray into the relatively new sound.

Opener "Radio" starts off the fun with a pleasingly exuberant 8-bit melody intertwined in a complex, less videogame-esque rhythm. This exciting, joyful game-pop continues for much of the disc in a poppy, excitable style, although the best moments lie in the second half of the EP, which takes a subtler approach to the genre. "Pop the Catfish," for example, is a menacing, beautiful piece of dark 8-bit pop, and "Brian Laudrup" is a Plaid-influenced number that also borrows a bit from Mouse on Mars' Niun Niggung.

If you're a fan of inventive, melodic electronica - not necessarily 8-bit videogame music specifically - Vila Kula will definitely be worth a try. Jenka Music keeps on putting out high-quality electronic music, and Oki-Doki is shaping out to be yet another hit.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]