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Nuts In Your Mouth

"Guaranteed to Like it if You Got a Ass" CD


Genres: hip-hop, rap

Apr 28 - May 5 2003

Seeing as Indieville doesnít review much hip-hop, I volunteered to help expand its horizons. However, I donít believe that Nuts In Your Mouth was the right group to start off with.

NIYM, a group eventually whittled down to two, Bill and Cheno, play a style of bragging, partying, we-donít-give-a-fuck pimp-hop that is fun at times, but in most cases, somewhat annoying. Their EP, Guaranteed to Like it if You Got a Ass, has 10 tracks (including 3 sick but funny skits) full of interlocking and diverse samples layered over unfortunate lyrics, which are disappointing especially considering NIYM are Yale graduates.

Their opening track, "Party Wreckerz", has a solid beat, with a great Beethoven sample that would be a lot more effective if it wasnít complemented by the somewhat poor rhymes about ruining somebodyís party and wrecking their house. The second track, "(Suburban) Ninja", has a good, danceable beat with an oriental sample, and in this case, NIYMís rhymes work well. Another interesting track is "Letís Go To the Club", which is especially good due to its hard rock sample and its dance club beat. However, the rhymes, once again, fall short, and are full of horny banter that detracts from the originality of the track.

The tenth, hidden track is probably the most enjoyable to listen to. A combination of good production, an interesting electronic beat, and provocative lyrics creates a great ambient feel that makes you really pay attention. Itís definitely worth skipping a large portion of the EP to get to this track.

All in all, Nuts In Your Mouth have the right ideas, but just arenít able to apply them fully to achieve a good EP. There is a lot of potential, especially if they model future songs around the tenth hidden track. But as of now, NIYMís guarantee falls short.


Andrew Tudor

[Vitals: 10 songs, distributed by CD Baby, released 2003]