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Self-titled CDEP


Genres: electronica, instrumental rock

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Apr 28 - May 5  2003

Null_Objct's debut self-titled EP is a collection of six pieces, each one featuring electric guitar (the guy behind Null_Object is actually Gary Hebert, a professional guitarist) and electronic elements combined.  For the most part, the EP is a very enjoyable, mind-expanding ride, but it feels as if Hebert's upcoming album might be a better purchase.

"Hiding Bridges" may be the album's most effective piece.  With a dark, powerful mood, it is a very accessible track with a great atmosphere - the guitars build a very grand, strong sound, while the synths create a sense of eeriness.  Many artists will forget about catchiness while going for a specific feel, but Null_Objct never sacrifices melody - a track like "Hiding Bridges" proves he's able to handle both accessibility and mood at once.

Another fine example of this is "Blue Line," a strong performance that relies primarily on the guitars, showcasing Hebert's mastery of his instrument.  Parts of it are reminiscent of the sort of drone rock that's being purveyed by Landing and Surface and Eceyon, except not nearly as psychedelic.

Overall, this is a fine EP that bodes well for Null_Objct's upcoming album.  If he can sustain the quality shown on tracks like "Nitrous" and "Hiding Bridges" over the course of a full-length album, then we've got a lot to look forward to.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 songs, distributed by CD Baby, released 2002]