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Nothing Inside

"Fall" CD

DarkRealm Multimedia

Genres: synth-pop, goth electronica, experimental

Apr 7 - 13 2003

Originally 80 tracks long, Fall was eventually pared down to the 16 on this disc after a number of "listening parties" in 2002.  The resulting album sees Nothing Inside at both their best and - at times - their worst.  Some tracks are really inspired, while others suffer the terrible fate of mediocrity.

"I Only Love You When It Rains" is one of the good tracks.  A dark 80's-esque synth pop number, it boasts a nice melody that will get stuck in your head after just one listen.  "Heaven" (and its prelude) is also a fantastic piece, with a creepy atmosphere and some neat melody.  However, other songs don't quite measure up.  "This Quiet Hour," for example, seems to take itself way too seriously, sounding silly with its lame, repetitive synth background and the singer's painfully atonal vocals.  "Used To Be Cool" also falls flat; it has a promising synth background, but screws things up with bizarre, incoherent vocals that completely ruin the mood.

Fall has some good aspects.  The band is obviously capable of producing decent enough melodies, and there are many examples on Fall.  The 80's styled parts are especially good, with lots of pop hooks to be enjoyed.  However, many of the band's other melodies don't work so well, suggesting that perhaps they aren't the best at separating the winners from the floaters (Bob Pollard, anyone?).  As well, their atmospheres often seem hokey and cheesy, to a funny extent; I'm assuming this wasn't what the band was going for.  Sometimes the Nothing Inside's attempts to be creepy backfire, resulting in goofy, atonal dreck and tired goth clichés.

These problems can be fixed, however.  The band needs to pare down their tracks to allow more room for the melodic stuff, especially the 80s-ish synth material.  With a bit more work, Nothing Inside could have a winning album in their future.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 16 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]