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North Atlantic Explorers

"Skylines" CD

Anniedale Records


Three Ring
PO Box 883123
San Francisco CA

Nov 15 - 21 2005

Skylines is one of the prettiest rock records to come out in awhile. Picking out influences from indie pop, shoegazer, alt country, and dream-pop, North Atlantic Explorers craft lush, beautiful songs rich in melody and atmosphere. Be it the spacey twang of "Blue Moon on the Rise" or the romantic folk-pop of "Tonight You Belong To Me," NAE are on their game for the entirety of this lovely album. None of the songs break the mood or flop; instead, each track serves to express the band's array of influences, be it the Sparklehorse tinges of "When My Ship Comes In" or the Yo La Tengo drear of "Sundrenched." "Anchors Away," with its brilliant chorus, is the record's best moment - right from first listen, you'll be hooked for good.

Sure, all these songs fit into a slow, calm vibe, but the formula works. Skylines is the soundtrack to laying around with a loved one on a warm summer evening. Don't you forget it.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]