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Normal Music

"Brev" 3" CDR


Genres: clicks n' cuts, electronica, experimental electro

4518 Avondale St.
Apt. B
Bethesda, MD
20814 USA

Dec 8 - 14 2003

For a disc this short, Brev is certainly remarkable.  Though only given the space of a 3" CDR to work with, Normal Music, a new trio, has created five powerful pieces of experimental click'n'cut electronica.  Rhythmically, the tracks are wonderful - detailed, clear cut-up beats and complicated, clicky crunches characterize the release.  A major part of the Brev pieces' success, however, is the melodic style Normal Music brings to the table.

"Emballage" is a monstrously wonderful example of what this EP is like.  A loud, jarring ambiance engulfs the piece's bouncy bassline and endlessly chopping, clicking helicopter beat.  It is a chaotic yet orderly slice of noisy electro, made juicy enough to really sink your ears into.  Another standout is "Podo," the gliding finale that soothes the ears by way of shifting atmospherics and a skipping, mind-caressing beat.

Normal Music, named oh-so-fittingly, has an original, enticing style, and the Brev EP will have any serious electronic music listener engaged for days.  Brevity is certainly the name of the game on this disc, and now I'm wishing there was more to enjoy here - but for the meanwhile, it would be a disservice to humanity not to recommend this disc.  You know what to do.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]