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"Lost In Transit" CDR

RedBox Records / Wood Records

Genres: experimental, noise, ambient

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Mar 10 - 16 2003

Apparently also released on the wicked Wood Records of Dodge City, Kansas, Nitwit's Lost In Transit is the new release by experimental label Redbox Records.  It's quite a mysterious, interesting affair; Nitwit has an experimental style that blends noisy ambiance with occasional tunefulness.  The songs on this record (except for a longer "intermission") are all short tracks that never stay with one style.

You've got quiet ambient electronics like those on "Astray" and "Something's Wrong" and then noisy, explosive pieces like "Clutches" and "The Pongs".  Some tracks, like "Mutations" and "Something's Wrong," have hints of tunefulness and melody, whereas other tracks, like "Tuner" and "Cutaneous" avoid anything of the sort.  However, despite their differences, all the tracks seem to go together perfectly; there isn't a bizarre transition to be heard.

All around, Lost In Transit features a nice mixture of sound and textures.  If you're interested in some experimental DIY stuff without the noise of Merzbow and Government Alpha's work, the perhaps Nitwit is just what you're searchin' for.


Fun Fact: Aside from this album, Nitwit also contributed a track to Wood Records' Phil Ochs tribute album, Poison Ochs, recently.  Poison Ochs is a charitable album that also features such acts as Eugene Chadbourne, Linda Draper, Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston, and Ernesto Diaz-Infante, as well as many Wood Records acts like MWF and Lolwolf.  There's more here, if you're interested.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 songs, distributed by Red Box and Wood, released 2002]