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Nina Sub Nive

"The Good Shepherd" CDR EP


Genre: disaster

March 2007

sometimes it's the unassuming little cdr eps in xeroxed cover art that end up really charming the pants off of me. well, that's certainly not the case here. the problem starts on track one, "u've (gotta find the Lord)" - it's a disgusting heap of stupid vocals and directionless electronics that could go down as one of the most ill-conceived songs ever recorded. hip-hop, electronics, rock... it takes a whole set of genres, folds them together, and comes up with one stinking mess. "skin patrol (the power of equality)" continues the disaster, and if it weren't for the deep, johnny cash style vocals and minimal production of "revelation (the sweetest, ever)" this would have been a complete waste. this may be the last heavily religious italian cdr demo i ever get, but i'll take the risk if it means warning the public against the mental strain derived from suffering through the good shepherd. "revelation," however, is an interesting piece of music worthy of note - yet sadly, it doesn't save the ship that sunk ten seconds into track one.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, 8:38, released 2006, band email]