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"The Long Walk..." CDR-EP

Kinda... Sorta Records

Genres: emo, indie rock, angst

July 22 - 28 2002

A self described "indie / emo / punk / geek / alt. / rock band" from Ohio, Neuro-Typical sound a little bit too much like The Get Up Kids. While they fit their self-description perfectly (a mean feat considering the fact it applies to six genres), their style sounds a bit too familiar in today's crowded emo scene.

Angsty songs like "Riding To The Dawn" play at a whole wad of emo clichés - the chiming, melodic guitar chords, the ever-so-whiny vocals, and even the excruciatingly sappy, stream-of-consciousness lyrics ("Tryin' not to lose myself/My sense of guilt/Little brittle mind/Wonderin' how we got so foggy-eyed"). Of course, there are some good melodies here and there, but there doesn't seem to be enough here to hold up for multiple listens. This is especially a problem considering the recording's technical deficiencies (every time the singer attempts a passionate yell, its volume is forced downwards by some bizarre equalizer glitch.) However, the band obviously has talent - as is evident on the EP's best track, "Nebula". For that one track, they stray from their emo teachings and introduce a neat, spacey feel to their music. Although the technical problems prevent it from going where its trying to go, the song works surprisingly well, and shows what the band can do at their best.

As far as the emo genre goes, I'm pretty tolerable to most stuff, and while "Nebula" shows what the band is capable when their off the emo drug, the rest of this EP strikes me as being a bit too sappy. The Get Up Kids are enough for me, thanks.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: length n/a; six songs; distributed by CD Street; released 2002]