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Neat Stripes

"The End of That" CD

Tell Me Later Records


Tell Me Later
PO Box 574
Athens GA 30603

Dec 1 - 7 2003

The End of That is an album that defies classification.  Instead of sticking with one style, Neat Stripes have taken a wide assortment of sounds and genres and mixed them together to make this mixed platter of a record.  The result is a bit disjointed, a bit confounding, but overall a fun album made possible by what is obviously a strong love of music.

The best songs here are sometimes the most unassuming.  "Caroline" at first seems like average 2:00 AM tavern fare, but its laidback structure and sing-along chorus is undeniably enjoyable.  "Molly" is also a highlight, with its slight Spanish influence, as is the similar "Some Say," which is a very fun, sing-along-style slab of cruise ship music.

Neat Stripes' style takes some getting used to, mainly because it's so varied - but once you let it sink in, you'll be hooked.  Despite a few dull moments ("When You Leave", hmm???), there's plenty to enjoy on The End of That - assuming you've got an open mind.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2002]