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"Warriors & Warlocks" CD

Omega Point Records

Genre: "metal / punk / rock / disco opera"

Omega Point
4707 N. Springfield, 2F
Chicago, IL 60625

May 2006

Mystechs' Warriors and Warlocks is a self-proclaimed "metal/punk/rock/disco opera" detailing the life of a kid unable to distinguish Dungeons & Dragons from reality. An interesting concept, for sure - and exactly the sort of musical tomfoolery I'd expect from the Mystechs stable. Like the rest of the Omega Point roster (of which they could be considered the showcase act), these folks blend traditional pop/rock with heavy synth and electro-punk elements. The whole thing is more than a little goofy - which is fine, but there's a definitely accessibility behind it that carries things well.

Aside from duds like lame "Barbarian Firetruck" (a corny take on the rock opera ballad) and irritating "Football Hero", there's a lot of good stuff on Warriors and Warlocks, including the infectious title-track and pretty but hilarious "Zombie Mountain". It takes a few listens to get accustomed to what Mystechs are doing here - attention to lyrics is key, and the eclectic style can be a bit overwhelming at first - but sustained listening yields good results. Aside from the aforementioned, personal favourites include "L.Z.L.L.F.N.-A..R.!!!" (that stands for "Led Zeppelin Laser Light Friday Night - All Right!" in case you were wondering) and powerful "Sweet 666teen". There aren't too many GREAT songs but it's a pretty cohesive concept album and worth taking a look at. Fun for geeks and music lovers alike.

MP3s (from Sweet 666teen, Football Hero


Fun Fact: According to Christian tradition, warlocks are the male equivalent to witches, and are said to ride pitchforks instead of brooms.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]