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"Showtime at the Apocalypse" CD

Omega Point Records

Genres: electro new wave

Omega Point
4546 N. Damien #313 
Chicago, IL 69618

Mar 31 - Apr 6 2003

Mystechs is essentially the work of Emil Hyde on electronics, guitar, and accordion and Nick Dye, with others helping out occasionally on violin and other accompaniment.  Their sound is an electronic new wave throwback that is often silly and over the top.  If you're up for lighthearted, silly 80s mockery - and don't mind a few mediocre tracks here and there - then Showtime at the Apocalypse could be for you.

The album's highpoint could very well be its last track, "Radio Ghosts."  Haunting and surprisingly accessible (in an album that doesn't always take melody over outrageousness), it is a beautiful little ditty that is hard not to like.  The band has taken the genre-hopping (and occasionally style-mocking) nature of the electronic new wave sound and has put it to nice use on Apocalypse.  You've got metal and punk influences on the title-track and a honky-tonk atmosphere on "The Last Man Alive on Earth."  "White Boys," meanwhile, is like a demented rock opera tune, and "Shouldn't Be Dancing" is a teasingly lame ABBA tribute.

All in all, Showtime at the Apocalypse is an enjoyable romp that boasts some fun tunes and some really wacky melodies.  Though it isn't something that you become extremely passionate about, at least it may bring a smile to your face whenever you hear it.


Fun Fact: The band have opened for such other electropop acts as Soviet, I Am The World Trade Center, and Stereo Total.  MP3s from Showtime at the Apocalypse are available here.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]