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My Rival Sun

"Composition" CD


Genres: alt rock, rock

Dec 13 - 19 2004

While its best aspect is its snazzy, conceptual cover art, My Rival Sun's debut is still a remarkably solid rock album.  The band doesn't pull any surprises, never deviating from a set pattern, but this just makes for a consistent release.  Their sound is fairly simple, falling under the melodic alternative rock banner, and nabbing concepts from various nineties rock bands.  Pearl Jam is an obvious influence, though one can also hear glimpses of Eve 6 and Soundgarden in the mix.  The music isn't as instantly catchy as some of the genre's more successful singles, although tracks like "Breakdown" and "Joker" have infectious choruses and charging, riveting atmospheres.  The album's best songs are those that aren't afraid to go for the engaging pop hook or the guitar solo climax - the less energetic, less melodic tracks end up dull and flat.  Fortunately, the majority of the disc falls under the successful category.  My Rival Sun has the chops - with a bit more originality, they could become big players.  For now, this is a homogeneous but thoroughly entertaining rock record.


Fun Fact: From the bio interview of Brian Vaine, MRS' bassist:

"Tell us a secret: When I was in 9th grade, I had a crush on my social studies teacher. She got fired after she was reported to be having an affair with a female student."

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2004]