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MWF Trio

"Howling MWF!" CDR

Wood Records

Genres: lo-fi, avant-garde, experimental

Wood Records
1604 Central Dodge City KS 67801

Jun 30 - 6 2003

Howling MWF is a forty-five minute live concert from an Xtreme Duress show, as recorded direct to the soundboard.  The MWF Trio consists of MWF on guitars (of course), Bhopal Whitaker on harmonicas, and Maryjane on vocals.  The songs are loose and experimental, largely improvised, but the cacophony and unpredictability makes for a decidedly interesting listen, as is the case with most MWF-related projects.

The main "epic" on Howling MWF is "Alfred," a twenty minute plus ride through a demented horror carnival ride.  Although it's very avant-garde, moments of tunefulness and melody are apparent often, making for a bizarre, yet listenable experience.  Open-minded music fans will find a lot to like, even if they may be a bit confused (if not scared).  The interplay between the musicians seems random, but is actually very interweaved; the complex communication the instruments engage in produces a very intriguing, deep effect.  MWF's amazing guitar solo at the end is one of its best moments.  The other tracks are also satisfying, yet a bit less "epic."

All in all, this is another fine release by Wood Records that will certainly please avant-garde listeners looking for some interesting new improvised music.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 songs, distributed by the band, released 2002]