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Music For Mapmakers

".02" CD

Grenadine Records

Genres: indie rock, indie pop, space rock

Grenadine Records
PO Box 42050
Montreal, QC. Canada H2W 2T3

April 6 - 13 2002

Wow, these guys are great. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, my particular place of residence, Music For Mapmakers have recently been signed to the wonderful Grenadine label. Right from the first song on ".02," they display their full ability to rock; "Carnival" starts out with a sad, Radiohead-esque intro, and then shoots right into loud, blistering emo. Meanwhile, the third track, "Don't Know What You're Trying to Say," is a fun, rocking pop song that features wonderful vocals and excruciatingly catchy melodies. Some of it sounds a bit Pavement-esque, but most of the song has its own distinct style. "This Is Our Team," on the other hand, is a moving, Mogwai-esque instrumental piece that, just as it reaches it's climax, abruptly ends. The bonus track, hidden shortly after it, sort of acts as a sequel to the song, finishing the album off perfectly.

Altogether, this album has a very epic feeling to it. From the indie pop tendencies of songs like "Down Again" and "Princess Lia" to the GYBE!-esque movement of the closing track, ".02" is definitely worth your while.


Matt Shimmer