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"56min/41sec" CD


Genres: drone rock, instrumental rock

1226 N. Fourth St
St. Charles, MO

May 3 - 9 2004

Musicfor is an instrumental rock duo comprised of Stephen Favazza and Greg Frothingham.  Together, they compose dreamy, sparse tunes using guitar and electronics as their principal instruments.  This makes for an enjoyable, relaxing listen - assuming your attention span is patient enough to handle it.

This nearly hour-long disc seems to be moreso one composition than a collection of tracks.  In a somewhat GYBE! and Fly Pan Am style, Musicfor puts together slow, gradual pieces of sound - frequently with more focus on atmosphere than melody.  However, 56min/41sec isn't nearly as dramatic and epic as any Godspeed album; instead, it is much more relaxed and flowing, perfect for an afternoon chill-out or a bedtime lullaby.

To single out particular songs is senseless; for the most part, this is a guitar-led album; its melodies are simple, repeated, and yet mind-consolingly pleasurable.  56min/41sec is a strong and rewarding album, though Musicfor's audience will be limited to those who have the patience to sit back and enjoy it. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2003]