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"You Are Beautiful" CDR


Genres: indie pop, instrumental rock

Mar 29 - Apr 4 2004

You Are Beautiful is a very nice - if cryptic - release.  There is no track listing, just a simple cover with a couple of Polaroids supplementing it.  Contained on the CDR itself are five long instrumentals using guitar, drums, and bass.  Piano, as well as numerous field recordings and samples, are used to add more content to the disc's duration.  Though there isn't much variation in the atmosphere and melodies on this disc, I really enjoy Musicfor playing in the background while I'm working.  The band's songs are very smooth and deep, with a somewhat creepy mood.

It is tough to single out particular songs on this album, as they are all quite similar to one another.  The second track, listed on the band's website as "Flat", is probably my favourite.  It uses a simple guitar melody to supplement a much stronger percussive backbone.  Piano is eventually added, and is incorporated very successfully.

Altogether, this is a very interesting release from a band most people probably haven't heard of.  While instrumental rock discs have become as common as teen pop records as far as bargain bins go, those who think the genre is dull and tiresome may find You Are Beautiful to be quite the anomaly.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2003]