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The Mushroom River Band

"Simsalabim" CD


Genres: stoner rock, metal, doom rock

PO Box 40322
Albuquerque, NM

July 22 - 28 2002

One day I came up with the most bizarre description I had ever thought of. At the time, I was consuming a most delicious treat, and, in response to my ravishing gustatory experience, I proclaimed that the delicacy was so good "that I could eat my eyes out". After much thought, I determined that this was a very bizarre thing to say, and that the particular appetizer I was eating did not deserve such a compliment. In fact, if something were to induce the consuming of ones eyes, it must be not only delicious, but ravishingly potent. Like a really good song. Like a really good band. Like The Mushroom River Band.

Simsalabim could be MeteorCity's most powerful album yet. Combining ultra-rapid monster riffs with super-fast drumming and tear-em-up vocals, the band completely blasts the crap out of their instruments. The best track on this album is undoubtedly "My Vote Is Blank", a power-riffed blast of energy that's definitely been written by an Iron Maiden junkie. "Tree of No Hope" follows immediately with a solid, Iron-ized chorus that's perfect for yelling along to.  "Change It" is another winner, with one of the greatest doom metal choruses I've ever heard.  After the powerful chanting of "Break me/Awake me/Awake me and break me now", a wonderful slowdown verse comes on, perfectly timed, only to be followed by another pile-driver chorus.  It's this sort of rockin' power-punch that lends Simsalabim its astounding quality.

This album is considerably short (excluding the long wait for the bonus track - which is just the irritating sound of someone snoring twenty times), but, for the most part, completely amazing.  Metal fans would be well-advised to jump at any chance they get to pick up Simsalabim.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 43 min twelve sec; ten tracks; distributed by All That's Heavy; released 10/06/02]